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At the same time as the Happy New Year,

Operation of the most modern home refrigerator refrigerator in Saveh

At the same time as the Happy Fajr decade, the state-of-the-art home-grower’s home refrigerator in Saveh was launched in the presence of a number of national and provincial officials.

Central governor: The function of special economic zones is not purely commercial

The governor said the function of the special economic zones was not purely commercial, and the development of the production and introduction of Iranian taste and culture was one of the main functions of such areas.

Mahmoud Zaghmakmini added: “Closing dependence, strengthening export and valuation are the three goals that industrial and manufacturing units that are newly emerging in the circuit have to follow.

He stated that the support of national production as a national honor through the design of domestic goods would lead to the realization of these three principles, saying that the manufacturing units would take the most prominent steps towards the realization of a resilient economy.

The central governor emphasized that the spirit of a resilient economy relied on domestic talent and the use of foreign experiences on the path to progress of the country, “We used to follow this spirit in the past, but we have not achieved such an achievement in the production of home appliances.” And the production of such products in the country was not at the level of competition with foreign products.

He added: “At the moment, using the expertise of young people, not only has the field of competition with foreign goods been created, but also a better opportunity has been created, and that domestic supply is at a cheaper price.

Qomi once said: “The supply of goods that are offered at a cheaper price and higher quality is, of course, a unique honor for the country, and this manufacturing unit has been honored with many years of experience for the country.”

Referring to the special economic zone in Saveh, he said, “The special economic zones actually send brands to other countries that introduce the taste and industry of Iran to the people of other countries, so the operation of special economic zones is not purely commercial and the development of production And the introduction of Iranian taste and culture is one of the main functions of such areas.

At the end of its speeches, the governorate paid tribute to the board of directors and employees of this manufacturing unit due to the production of Iranian goods that could compete with foreign ones and cheaper.

Nixan Industry’s 20-year-old brilliant record in the manufacture of home appliances

Managing director of Nixan Sanh industry in Saveh said: Unit 1 is a company established in 1993 with the aim of providing domestic markets and disconnecting dependence and avoiding currency withdrawal from the established country and more than 20 years in the field of producing various home appliances has a brilliant history.

Saeed Rezvani said about the construction of Unit 2: According to the need of the country on an area of ​​۲۷,۵۰۰ square meters in the special economic zone of Kaveh with the investment of 210 billion riyals, which was about 2.7 million dollars that currency, and actually one of the The most modern production lines for home refrigerator refrigerators began in the country.

Rezvani added that in the first phase of the project, which generated 180 direct job creation, 600 household refrigerators per day were produced in a single shaft, and now it has the capacity to produce a five-fridge fridge to the side by side. Their production will begin soon.

He said about the second and third phases of this production unit: In these two phases, with the goal of increasing production, current products will increase by up to three times the current capacity, as well as new products in the company’s basket of products, including the washing machine and polishing machine. has it.

Managing director of Nixan Corporation said that preventing the loss of national capital and the creation of a business environment for young people, Marzu Kaum mentioned the advantages of the project, adding: “Unfortunately, in some domestic factories, due to lack of advanced technology and technical knowledge, we have to pay We have to pay heavily for production, so we have to buy expensive raw materials and, finally, have no quality and competitive output compared to imported products.

“Using the technology of the day, using the correct methods, employing a competent technical team, graduate engineers from the universities of the country, and the optimal use of the facilities and materials, we could produce a product that is competitive with imported products,” he continued.

Rezvani emphasized: Today, using the machines of the day, the company has increased the speed of production of less raw materials, has brought higher quality to its products.

Nixan Corporation Green Industry Industry of Saveh

Rezvani added: “Using new thermoforming machines has succeeded in reducing the thickness of ABS sheets used and increasing the speed of production and reaching the 40-second timer, with a higher quality for parts in each machine, as well as in the production of a refrigerated cabin using The new roll forming machinery, with a 20% reduction in sheet thickness and increasing production speed every 30 seconds, can produce a refrigerator cabin.

Among other features in the gas charging line and the company’s testing, the company tested the products in precise and specific ways in a wide range of functionalities, adding that this will result in a minimum performance error for the consumer.

“The reason why the R600 gas is used is that the environmentally-friendly greenhouse gas does not have any damaging effects on environmental activities, which is why the unit project 2 replaces the previous product.

He recalled that the use of cyclopentane gas in the production of foam insulation turned the unit into a completely green and non-polluting factory in its class.

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